The Evans Churchill Community Association is a not-for-profit organization in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. It was formed after a small group of residents gathered together in the winter of 2003 to discuss the possibility of forming an organization to raise awareness, promote, improve, and protect their neighborhood. A volunteer board of directors leads the association.

Our purpose is to protect and promote the common good and general welfare of residents and businesses within our boundaries, and to preserve the historic integrity of the area. We hold open, monthly meetings covering a wide range of informative topics; support urban revitalization, blight reduction, and crime reporting and prevention; support the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic and vintage structures; and publish news and information via our Facebook page and website.

The Evans Churchill neighborhood sits directly adjacent to the Downtown Core and is home to Roosevelt Row — the nationally recognized arts district that hosts the First Friday art walk and Third Friday gallery night. With a mix of single-family homes and infill mid-rise developments, Evans Churchill serves as a transitional area between the dense core, surrounding historic districts, and Midtown Phoenix. Our neighborhood’s boundaries are Hance Park on the north, Fillmore on the south, 7th Street on the east, and Central Avenue on the west. Adjourning neighborhood associations are the Midtown Neighborhood Association to the north, Phoenix Downtown Neighborhood Association to the south, Garfield Organization to the east, and Roosevelt Action Association to the west.

We work closely with the Roosevelt Row Community Development Corp. (CDC) in reviewing, implementing, and monitoring their “Teddy’s To Do List” of key projects and initiatives.

Board of Directors (2018)

  • Dwayne Allen
  • Dorina Bustamante, President
  • Greg Esser, Vice President
  • Daniel Drane
  • Tiffany Halperin
  • Lauren Henschen
  • Sean Johnson
  • Jim McPherson, Secretary
  • Alvaro Sande, Treasurer
  • Chelsea Smith


  • Clean & Safe
  • Development
  • Events
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Welcome Packet

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Why did your org have armed cops in your tent today at the city market? They looked like armed citizens than cops.
    Just Curious

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