No Evans Churchill meeting in August. We’ll see you in September!

The Evans Churchill Community Association (ECCA) and Roosevelt Row Merchants Association are taking a summer break and will return with their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, September 12. On Saturday, the ECCA Board of Directors held their annual strategic planning session, discussed a boatload of ideas, and will work throughout the month to set things in motion for the future. You’ll learn all about it and be able to provide feedback at the September meeting.

If you need something to do tomorrow evening – now that you have an open night! – consider the following: Downtown Phoenix advocates will host Strong Towns president Charles Marohn at a free, public Curbside Chat on Aug. 8, 2018, at the A.E., England Building at Civic Space Park. Reception 5 p.m., Welcome/Program, 5:30 p.m., Q&A and Discussion, 7 p.m. Facebook event invite here.

Strong Towns focuses on the type of development and investments that make long-term fiscal sense for cities and taxpayers. It believes that “growth is not enough; we need productive growth” and “places that are built for people, using traditional development patterns, can help us achieve productive growth.” Charles will present examples on how choice in development patterns affect municipal finances.

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